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Dating Prospect eason

Taihe Township, China

Dating Prospect oliver

Chengguan Town, China

Dating Prospect jenny

Beidou Township, China

Dating Prospect shami

Chengguan Town, China

Dating Prospect perfectgentleman

Chengguan Town, China

Dating Prospect barbara

Fengtai District Lugouqiao Xiang, China

Dating Prospect grace

Bohe Town, China

Dating Prospect umali

Aiguo Lane, China

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31, male, Single

El Bagazo, Mexico

i like sports --horses---love love chinese girls---music----filosofy---psicology------the sae cancun ------dance

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27, female, Single

Alexander, United States

I like to watch football.Favorite team the New York Giants.Also like the know and like to go snowboarding.I live by the Mountians thats how i knowhow to snowboard.Grew up on a farm with my Grand parents and cousins.From Truckee California.But i lived in Reno,Fernley for most of my life.I travledbefore.I went to all over in California, Flordia, Oregon,Utah,Chicago.My favorite color is Black.I love to go places.My favorite food is Italian,And chinese food.

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62, male, Widowed

Aberporth, United Kingdom

well what can I say about myself,I am a widower, lost my wife in 2016 and now i am lonely and need someone to be my new soul mate and friend. I am looking for someone who is gentle, humble, if your looking for someone with a good heart then you are in the right dream is to marry a Chinese lady, I am a practicing Christian, and my faith is very important to me, so you must respect that and accept it as part of if you are interested in getting to know me better, then please get in touch

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31, male, Single

Arapahoe, United States

I recently moved to olympia from connecticut. When I got here I didn't know anybody or have a job, now I work at a sandwich store and things are fine. I like to listen to music and public radio. I like watching nba games and drinking beer. I go to the movies on Tuesdays at 10am. I feel like some people try to categorize me as a 'nerd', but I don't play video games, I don't care about Lord of the rings or star wars. I think people who self identify as nerds are annoying. I'm trying to find a group of people to play d n' d or pathfinder but I have limited experience role playing and would need help understanding the 'rules' aspect of it. magic the gathering is fun, and I know how to play, but I don't have a deck. I used to smoke weed a lot but I think it's pretty childish and don't enjoy it very much anymore. If you smoke that's fine, and ill partake, but just know i don't like the culture and I don't really get along with 'stoners'There are a few bars around that I like going to. One is in a Chinese restaurant and has office chairs and cheep hamburgers. Another one is in a mall and does trivia on Tuesday night's. I don't drink at home, only in bars. I don't have pets, it's hard enough taking care of myself.I don't have any strong political or religious beliefs. I don't have strong opinions about anything. Life seems to be mostly about 'doin yr thing'

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46, male, Single

Maeerzeg, Luxembourg

I love to take long walks on the beach, play in the pools, Golfing, take long drives up & down the coast, go to new places and see new things.My favorite foods are Italian, I love Italian, grilled any kind of meats -Steak, Pork or chicken, French, Chinese and Japanese cuisine..I also love going out to eat with a partner especially Candle light dinners but any dinners or lunches are fun when doing it with someone special.

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Baiyunnonggongshanggongsidongping, China

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Bohe Town, China

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Shen Zhen Township, China

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Aiguo Lane, China

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Gushankou, China

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Taihe Township, China

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Banchang Road, China

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Jinsha Villages, China

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Chengguan Town, China

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Shifen Township, China

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Chengguan Town, China

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Leidian Township, China

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Chengguan Town, China

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Jilin Villages, China

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Shatian Town, China

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Handong Township, China


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