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60, male, Widowed

Salt Lake City, United States

I'm very comfortable with ladies who have good communication skills.I'm a natural born humorist by nature. Interested in a fun loving lady who love's to laugh and does not take life to seriously.It is always good to be friends first and foremost. I welcome this as long as you understand my personal goal on this service, is to get to know a person in a mutual intimate relationship. Then perhaps eventually meet my soul mate in baby steps and a day at a time.I am not English So grammar Nazi's I am aware of my less than perfect wording.I want a life partner but have room for new friends aside for that. Again good communication skills are desired either way.I’m really good at Carrying on conversations as well a listening. I grew up to be a person you can open up to,I will just listen and offer empathy as well as supportive understanding. I excel at comprehensive logical conversation as well as in my business affairs.I love trivia, growing in knowledge and learning new things. Lastly, picking out the wrong line to check out.

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52, male, Separated

Nehvizdy, Czech Republic

I am presently visiting friends and family in Czech republic,looking to find a partner who would possibly want and or try to live in Alberta Canada in the near futur.I speak french english and french Czech and a little bit of spanish.

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54, female, Single

High Barnet, United Kingdom

I am a huge hearted, dynamic English Rose who just can't resist a lovely accent!! I also love my 2 very adorable dogs, so my man will need to love them too!! I am bright, funny, classy, happy & successful - I just want to fall asleep each night with a smile on my face knowing my man out there feels the same!! I have a huge amount to offer, I am kind, caring and Spiritual...I am only asking for the same qualities - Please come and say 'hello' XX

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35, male, Single

Jonava, Sri Lanka

i trying too became one of best action actor and comedy actor then i training martial art everyday physically and mentally then i doing powerlifting for my strength training and i am competitive powerlifter on sri lanka,, i am doing shot put too,well i can speak my mother language sinhala, hindi and American English i am studying practising chinese and korean language i am a different person more than many people.i like to live with the nature.i think the most important thing is to be more successful in my life and i am happy very much to help the universe.i like many super heroes movies and paranormal programmes and alien programs ,i like to find many information very much and i am a vegetarian.i'm proud for that.i am very proud call me as a sinhalese buddhist pursen i love army life.i love samurai life,i proud to be who am i.

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62, male, Divorced

Nuqrat Umm Sunayn, New Caledonia

I would like to meet a nice, charming, balanced, loving woman, able to relocate in another country who likes sea, sun, speaks english and ready to learn french. My goal is to build a family with one child. I like hiking, boating, fishing, travelling. Already visit France where live a part of my family, Australia, New Zealand, South of Russia one time.

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