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26, male, Single

Columbus, United States

Hi there. I'm Xaiver, I work as a fraud specialist from home. I've been doing remote work for three years. I am currently learning to be a Java developer though. I own a house and visit parents often. I'm also a Christian and read the Bible each day. My hobbies include listening to audio dramas, reading books, skateboarding, writing essays, playing board games. I'm also facisnated by lucid dreaming. My intention here is starting a relationship that can lead to marriage. Hopefully it will be worth it. Message me anytime. Thank you.

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58, male, Widowed

Sanford, United States

i am an easy going man,a man who is loving,caring,faithful,down to earth,a born again christian seeking a relationship that will lead to marriage.

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60, male, Widowed

Raleigh, United States

I enjoy long bike rides especially to and around the beach, racquetball, golf, jogging, hiking...drinks while bowling, darts, pool, shuffleboard is always a good time too! Of course my crazy family & friends are a major source of fun as well.................I enjoy work, sports, the beach, reading and working out at the gym. I like to hang out with positive people either in a group of friends at a local pub or one on one at the local starbucks..Raised Catholic, but I don't attend services.... I find the concept of a "higher being" fascinating to ponder... Karma has been the one constant I really would advocate as my belief.......My religious background is diverse and extensive. I was brought up in a christian home and became Roman Catholic in college. I am currently a member of the LDS church. I like playing the role of tour guide. I have many favorite places all over the world that I enjoy sharing with my new friends. I believe in honesty trust and communications. I feel I am quite open minded, accepting and fully in touch with my emotional side. I love meeting new people, going new places, learning new cultures and customs.

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45, male, Divorced

Clayton, United States

I like listen to good music most especially Christian songs, traveling to discover new places and making good friends

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25, male, Single

White Sands, United States

I try to live a legit Christian lifestyle. But it's rather hard right now because of everything the world accepts as "Right... Anyways, I love making music! Music is part of my life! I play a bit of guitar, I can play drums and I can play a bit of piano! I'm really outgoing, although in public I'm kind of... Half Anti-Social... I don't know why, but it happens. But yeah, I'm planning on going to college for Music and Teaching!

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