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35, male, Single

Al Qamri, United Arab Emirates

Traveling, swimming, batminton, charity, Social Service ,cricket, Scooba, hearing songs ,clubbing ,studying Long drive

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57, male, Divorced

Avon, United States

I am a friendly, passionate, happy soul at peace & fulfilled within my own life. I believe in leading a compassionate, conscious lifestyle with loving respect for the earth and all of her beings. I work as a military soldier and i love my profession since i consider the peace of the world as my major priority and I walk a path focused on the native spirituality of my own land. I think of myself as being in service to the earth and all of her inhabitants in a 'helping & healing' capacity.

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73, male, Single

Germantown, United States

Overweight physician divorcing spouse. Three grown children. Still in medical practice. Looking for companion. Would like to visit Mongolia and UB this summer. Willing to meet potential friends. Fascinated with Mongolia from my childhood. Have been to Far East, lived in Japan, Okinawa and Korea during my service in the Navy. I enjoy Asian cultures, food, lifestyles, and the ladies. Have ben married twice to Korean ladies. Divorcing due to wife's desire for the single life. First wife was a gambler. I am well read, thoughtful, non smoker(quit recently), enjoy cocktails, enjoy fine dining, movies, reading, videos, classical music(like most genres), and travel. Would like to share my old age with a nice mature lady, preferably from Mongolia. Mongol women are strong, resourceful, independent, and beautiful. I would like to share your wonderfulness.

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73, male, Divorced

Orange, United States

I am in search of a soul mate that is on a path of Self-Realization . Meditation and contemplation are very important to me and the pathway to Self-Realization. To know the truth about the TRUTH.Experiencing the “TRUTH” is accomplished thru meditation, in the silence. Mystics that have experienced the “TRUTH” find it impossible to express that experience in words. It is an ineffable experience. This is because the things of God are foolishness to man (ego) and the things of man are foolishness to God. The two never meet or never mix. Their nature is 180 degrees apart. God or Universe or Immortality or Awareness or Consciousness is Spiritual, Infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. Man (mortal sense) is finite, limited (especially the senses, only 5 senses, which are themselves are always changing even from day to day, consist of duality, good/bad, health/sickness, birth/death, love/hate(fear).About 25 years ago, I left the corporate world to experience a simpler more fulfilling life. I believe in integrity, truth and honest communication and I expect the same in return. I am easy to get along with and non-judgmental. I care about others and enjoy being of service to others, which has brought me into the healing arts profession. I enjoy telling jokes and laughing a lot. I love holding hands, long passionate kisses, and frequent displays of affection. In the physicaL sense I enjoy being outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature, playing sports, hiking up in the Red Rocks of Sedona and rappelling down, gardening or just a long walk. I enjoy music, dancing, movies and traveling. I enjoy watching baseball and occasionally going to Phoenix to watch a game. I am strong physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am a passionate romantic. I have a lot to offer that special woman.

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38, female, Single

Plaridel, Philippines

I'm a born again Christian who has faith in Jesus Christ, I acknowledge Him as my Lord and Savior. I attend church service every Sunday.I'm a nature lover - who loves to see beaches, beautiful and relaxing ambiance. I'm a family oriented person. I am looking for a serious genuine relationship that leads into a marriage and build our own whole happy family.

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