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Dating Prospect mimi

Aiguo Lane, China

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Shatian Town, China

Dating Prospect chenxin

Jiangxi Village, China

Dating Prospect iammrqi

Shijia Township, China

Dating Prospect yusuf

Dongsinandajie85, etc., China

Dating Prospect maricel

Baiyunnonggongshanggongsidongping, China

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Nongjixincunfengxianfengcheng, China

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Aiguo Lane, China

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67, male, Separated

Bakersfield, United States

Romantic gentleman - no children at home - OK income. Speak English, Spanish and some Chinese - do not speak French.

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40, female, Single

Fort Bragg, United States

I am a simple, one-man-woman who enjoys simple pleasures. People consider me a typical Chinese lady, gentle, kind, understanding and easy-going. I was very poor as a child which made me independent, industrious and strong personality. I enjoy my work while my favorite thing is to stay with my family, making home cozy and neat, growing flowers, preparing delicious food.

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37, male, It's Complicated

Matsubara, Japan

I love to fine friend who lives in singapore. Chinese or Indians is the best...

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36, male, Single

Melbourne, Australia

Like to get to know people from different cultures other than mine, that are Timorese, Chinese and Portuguese.

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29, male, Single

Sunnybank, Australia

I am a Chinese student study Central Queensland University, Rockhampton City, Queensland, Australia. I was born and grew up in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province in Southeast China and it has 2585 years of history and nearly 8 million people.My parents brought me to Brisbane,Australia in 2010 when I was 17 years old. I am the only child in my family so I love family and I think that the family is one of the biggest values in our life. Reading books, writing Chinese traditional poems and essays are THE most significant and dominant hobby for me. I always spend lots of time on these so these bring me extremely romantic and idealistic characteristics. My friends and some of my primary and secondary school teachers sometimes think I am a bookworm, antique and like the “poemholic”(TOO CRAZY about poem). One of my relatives even thinks I am similar as Character Jia Baoyu in the Dream of the Red Chamber which is one of the best and most famous Chinese novels until now! My favourite books are the books about history, Eastern and Western traditional culture(especially the ancient Chinese culture), Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, poetry, natural science, anthropology, philosophy, geography, geology, environmental protection, ecology, meteorology, International Current Affairs...

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Daofan Village, Wanqiao Village, China

Dating Prospect eason

Taihe Township, China

Dating Prospect harryenglisht

Taihe Township, China

Dating Prospect qing

Shatian Town, China

Dating Prospect james

Chengguan Town, China

Dating Prospect yanni35

Mocun Town, China

Dating Prospect davidliang

Chengguan Town, China

Dating Prospect jon22

Chengguan Town, China

Dating Prospect tony

Taihe Township, China

Dating Prospect umali

Aiguo Lane, China

Dating Prospect liam

Shijia Township, China

Dating Prospect mildred3768

Aiguo Lane, China

Dating Prospect shami

Chengguan Town, China

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Beichendong Road, China

Dating Prospect alma

Jinsha Villages, China

Dating Prospect loverboy7896

Weizhuang Township, China


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