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responsible, divorced, male, Sacramento, United States








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Sacramento, United States

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Relationship: Divorced

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Age: 74


Seeking: female


Intentions: Marriage


Personality: Responsible

I am known to be a confident individual without the arrogance or conceit that usually applies that trait. I can be very persistent when trying to attain a goal I've set for myself. At the same time, I can be a very passionate, caring, & romantic person. I'm not afraid to display my feelings toward my partner while in public. I believe in holding hands, opening doors & a kiss when greeting or leaving each other. I have always lived my life on the principle that you should not take anybody or anything for granted. You should treat others as you would want to be treated. Always be as fair & just as possible. I'm known by many to be a very good listener & someone they turn to when they want an objective opinion on a conflict in their lives. I'm am a very active individual. I am comfortable when enjoying the outdoors. In the summer you can find me boating, fishing, bike riding, hiking & most recently, riding quads with my children. In the winter months, I'm either catching up on home repairs or trying to get a couple of runs in downhill skiing. I am currently not a paying member. I can be found using this id at them. Over the years I have been employed in various positions. machinist, retail sales, business owner, automotive sales, automotive service manager. I have gone back into business for myself which keeps me a little busy at times. 
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