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charismatic, widowed, female, Idung Udo, Nigeria







I am looking for an honest and loyal life-long companion, to share my hopes and dreams with. I am se

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Idung Udo, Nigeria

Female Gender


Relationship Status

Relationship: Widowed

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Birthdate Age

Age: 31


Seeking: male


Intentions: Marriage


Personality: Charismatic

I am a very gentle, feminine, caring woman who is able to make you believe that love exists on this planet. I am warm, generous, and dependable. The feeling side of my character is well-developed, I am able to give the passion, ardent emotions, endearment, affection along with support and understanding that are sometimes necessary in intimate relationships. I have many special gifts to offer to my beloved man along with my sensitivity to others, and a strong ability to keep things running smoothly. I never initiate conflicts, always try to find a compromise in difficult situations. I realize the value of attending to other people's feelings, I put myself on other's place easily, I never become overly critical and sarcastic with others and I always try to help those whom I'm close with. I place much appreciation on traditional family values such as faithfulness, reliability, trust, honesty, contented, sensitive, love, respectful, and security. I am a good listener and interlocutor. I have an optimistic views to life, a sociable, joyful nature. I am genuine, open and funny with a good sense of humour. I never give up and always look at the positive side of any situation. I am a good problem-solver and a planner and I have a great creative potential. I value family lifestyle and home coziness and I happily create it. I prefer subtle, practical activities with family and friends, as opposed to partying with a large mass of people.
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